Chivas, one of the most benefited from the Repechage that will disappear Halftime

The repechage lives his last moments in the MX Leagueand with his goodbye, several teams were exposed with what they were from the most benefited with the establishment of this instance since 2020, and there, Chivas and Necaxa They were the most ‘winners’.

How many Repechages has Chivas participated in?

The Guadalajara club registers participation in the 5 playoffs that have been played so far -the sixth and last will be played in this Clausura 2023-, and together with the Raysare the two clubs that on 3 occasions would have been left out of the Final Phase if this instance had not existed, which would reduce their productivity.

Chivas of his last five tournaments, only in two he finished within the first eight placeshow the classification to the Liguilla will be played again, starting next football year -summer 2023-.

The Guardians 2020 and the Closing 2022 were the two tournaments that the Sacred Flock was able to finish between the first 8 placesand he did it in the seventh and sixth position, respectively, for what without repechage would be his only two classifications in the last five tournaments.

For him Guardians 2021, Opening 2021 and Opening 2022Guadalajara was after the eighth place, being ninth in two semesters and tenth in another, a situation that in a competition without playoffs, would have meant they were left Outside the Big Party.

Of all his repechage classifications, only in the Guardians 2020 went from the Quarter finals, when he entered the Semifinal that he fell with the Lion; in the other 4, in 3 they were eliminated in the repechage and in one they walked one more phase.

Necaxa, the other beneficiary

For his part, he Necaxa records three qualifications to the Repechage and in all of them he did it after the eighth place, culminating in tenth for the Guardians 2020ninth in the Closing 2022 and twelfth in the Opening 2022.

There are other cases like Pueblawho even qualified directly to the Quarterfinals, a situation that Chivas has not achieved, at least from 2020 to date.

Of all the teams, Chivas along with La Franja, they were among those who entered the playoffs the most times with five for the rojiblancos and four for the people from Puebla, they are followed by Necaxa and Rayados de Monterrey with three.

The next changes of the Liga MX

This Tuesday, Mikel Arriolapresident of Liga MX, along with Yoon de Luisa, top brass of the Mexican Soccer Federation, announced Aztec competition changes: suppressing the playoffs, reducing foreigners to 7 and another series of changes in favor of national soccer.

“The repechage is going because it raises the competition, before it existed and today it is eliminated. In terms of foreigners, also to support the National Team, in the MX League we interrupt the break and go from eight to seven,” Arriola said at a press conference.

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