‘Chivas will come back in Jalisco’; Ricardo Cadena asks fans for faith

Akron Stadium, Jalisco /

Despite being defeated at home 1-2 in the first leg of the quarterfinals against Atlas, nobody takes away the illusion of the comeback to the interim technician Chivas, Ricardo Cadenawho considered the series wide open and sees his team turning the series around on Sunday.

“For me the series is completely open, the feeling that the team leaves me is that it is hungry, ashamed and is going to go to look for the comeback in the Jalisco Stadiumit gives me a good feeling to know that they did not give away the game at any time, even with a heavy score of 2-0″, said Cadena, who suffered his first loss on the bench after five consecutive victories.

It could be said that Guadalajara wasted the first half because, confessed by Cadena himself, he had to rethink in the dressing room after look down with the double of Jeremy Márquezbut the image of the complement is what keeps them standing thinking about reaching the Semifinals.

“Logically, when you receive goals and you don’t have a good participation at the start of a series, properly the first 45 minutes, of course you have to rethink and in that part forced us at halftime to make adjustments that they give us another face in the second half, that they allowed us to have options”, he affirmed.

“We converted one, but it leaves us with the feeling that the team has the strength to go look for a comeback in Jalisco,” he added about the Christian Calderon goalwho has been the talisman of the Flock in recent Liguillas like the one in which they eliminated America.

What happened to Alexis Vega?

Considered the most destabilizing of the rojiblancos, Alexis Vega had to leave the exchange hastily due to injury and that set off alarms in the fans, but not in his coach, who said he expects the striker to recover for Sunday’s clash.

Alexis brings a blow and we will see how it is for the return. I think he’s going to be 100 percent and he’s a guy who’s going to help us turn the score around,” he said.

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