Chivas will have to get rid of this player to have his first reinforcement: Is the exchange convenient?

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The Gang is already out of the Liguilla and is beginning to see its options to reinforce itself, which is why they have had their eye on an rojiblanco element.

Alana Torres is in the crosshairs of Rayados
© Jam MediaAlana Torres is in the crosshairs of Rayados

Chivas de Guadalajara will barely start their participation in the Quarterfinals of the Clausura 2022 Tournament when this Thursday they face Atlas in the Ida game, however they do not remove the look on some players that can be a good option to reinforce them in the next contest.


With the elimination of Rayados the previous weekend in the Reclassification at the hands of San Luis, the coach Víctor Manuel Vucetich got down to work to glimpse his reinforcements and an element of the Sacred Flock is on his list of priorities to integrate into their midfield.

According to information from TUDN, King Midas wishes to have the services of one of the players who had the greatest projection during his time at Chivas, he even had him as a starter for several games in 2021 before the leadership thanked him, but The level of this midfielder is now maintained with Ricardo Cadena on the bench.

Rayados wants a Torres-Alvarado exchange

The portal reports that the royals do not see badly the option of the exchange between José Alvarado and Alan Eduardo Torresthe 22-year-old player from Guadalajara who so far has played just under 500 minutes in the tournament and He has scored a goal, which was against Mazatlán on Matchday 1.

Poll Would you like the arrival of José Alvarado to Chivas?

Would you like the arrival of José Alvarado to Chivas?

Yes, but not in exchange for Torres


Alvarado has sounded in recent days as one of the elements that pleases the board led by Ricardo Peláez. El Plátano has played 500 minutes and has scored twice, but his opportunities to play in Monterrey are scarce given the quality of his forwards, while in Chivas he could fight for a place with José Juan Macías and Ángel Zaldívar.

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