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Hi, I’m Faye. This brief and nondescript presentation introduced the character played by Chloe Cherry in the second season of Euphoria. Seconds after her appearance on the hit series, any viewer who followed the fiction created by Sam Levinson could see that Faye was dealing with addictions, just like Rue, the character who established Zendaya as the youngest artist to win an award. Emmy. And in this year since her television debut in that episode broadcast on HBO Max in January 2022, the life of Chloe Cherry (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 25 years old) has been completely transformed.

She has gone from being unknown to almost everyone to becoming a darling of the fashion industry. She will soon make the leap to the movies, as Hollywood strives to polish her past as a former adult film actress. her role in Euphoria it was small but mighty, and it didn’t take long for audiences to be wowed, who were wondering on Twitter who this languid girl with the full lips was. “She was a normal person. Suddenly I woke up after it aired Euphoria. It is as if she were in another dimension, ”he said last July in an interview with Allure alluding to his sudden fame.

It all started in 2015, a few days after his 18th birthday. Cherry left her native Pennsylvania, where she lived as a restless and creative teenager who went on to form a music group, and settled in Miami to delve into the world of adult cinema. Shortly after, she signed with one of the most important agencies in the pornographic industry and moved to Los Angeles, California. In 2019 she had already participated in more than 200 titles. At the beginning of this month of January, she spoke about this stage of her life in High Low, the podcast of model and activist Emily Ratajkowski. “It was traumatic for me when I worked as a waitress, I had a sinister boss, a sexual predator, I didn’t meet anyone like that in the porn industry,” she told him. “Did you feel safer when you worked in porn?” Ratajkowski then asks. “Much safer,” says Cherry.

During the coronavirus pandemic, production stopped and began to sell its content on OnlyFans, where it made the occasional parody wink, precisely to Euphoria. His career in adult cinema made him face a string of prejudices and labels that came to affect him personally: “When people treat you as if you were a bad person, they make you think you are,” he confessed in a long interview with the magazine Paper Posted in March of last year. On the other hand, his work during those years had consequences on his health. That same month, he recounted on the podcast Call Her Daddy who after receiving criticism of his physique from an agent began to become obsessed with his body. She calculated the calories she ate at each meal to stay as slim as possible, and she ended up developing an eating disorder from which she claims to have recovered. After recording the series, she left the pornographic industry.

Participating in a popular production for a platform is the current equivalent of being the star of a blockbuster multi-million dollar budget film. In the case of Euphoriathe second season doubled the audience to the first with more than 13 million viewers in the first chapters, according to Variety. Social networks reflected this excessive visibility almost in real time. In a matter of days, Chloe Cherry multiplied her followers and today she has 1.3 million followers on her Instagram account.

Precisely this platform served as a springboard for his new life. Cherry used the social network as a tool to express himself, playing with a particular sense of humor not suitable for political correctness. The director and creator of the series, Sam Levinson, was one of her followers. When she started the casting of the second season he did not hesitate to propose a test for one of the supporting roles. Cherry was skeptical thinking it was a joke, but after several tests via video call, she met with Levinson and landed the role of Faye, the sharp-witted drug addict girlfriend of a drug dealer.

In these months, the seventh art has also knocked on his door. He has two projects on the horizon. On the one hand, the film that will mark his film debut, the science fiction work www.rachelormont.comwhere he will share the screen with Dasha Nekrasova (succession). A few weeks ago, it was also announced his participation in Tuna Melta dark comedy directed by the versatile Eddie Huang (Boogie), whose synopsis has been described as an updated mix of pulp fiction Y High Fidelity. The artistic restlessness that she experienced as a teenager continues to define Cherry’s character beyond acting. She as soon as she exposes her collages in Los Angeles as he releases rap songs on SoundCloud. And of course, she hasn’t gone unnoticed by the fashion industry, she’s always hungry for new faces.

One month after the premiere of Euphoria debuted on the catwalk in New York fashion week with LaQuanSmith, and in Milan he did so with Blumarine and GCDS, two of the favorite firms among centennials. The ever-savvy Donatella Versace secured her a prominent spot in the front row at her last September show, where she shared front row with the all-powerful Italian businesswoman Chiara Ferragni. Even Chloe Cherry’s prominent lips, a physical trait that haters targeted for her criticism as “unnatural”, have landed the actress lucrative contracts with beauty brands. “People get tattoos all the time and things that are unnatural. Why can’t I just do something that is unnatural just because I like how it looks,” she said in Paper about her lip fillers. Of course, makeup brands are delighted with her self-confidence and proof of this are her contracts with Urban Decay and Mac, who just had her for their Christmas campaign. Her idyll with her fashion has only just begun.

At the moment, it is unknown if Faye’s character will participate in the third season of Euphoriabut Chloe Cherry has already made it clear that for her there is life beyond television.

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