Chloë Grace Moretz revealed to be a fan of playing video games and the stars respond to her playful profile

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The 25-year-old American actress, known for having acted in movies like Kick-Ass (2010) and Hugo (2011), shared several tweets through her official account in which she claimed to be completely obsessed with the Call of Duty beta: Modern Warfare 2surprising his fans, who never imagined that he liked video games.

Chloë Grace Moretz he even shared a screenshot of his screen bragging about scoring a staggering 3,640 points in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Invasion game mode.

From this place, we will analyze Chloe’s personality to better understand her actions according to her Astral Chart. Before starting it is important to remember that the Sun represents our identity, the place where we feel comfortable with who we are. While the Moon It speaks of our emotional world. Lastly, the Upward It represents the way we show ourselves to the world.

Chloë Grace Moretz revealed to be a fan of playing video games and the stars respond to her playful profile

He was born under the sign of Aquarius. This sign of the air element is supportive and interested in social issues.. from this place, Among the social work of the actress are the support for research against ovarian cancer, awareness of AIDS or bullying and she is a goodwill ambassador for Unicef. Despite her youth, she is very involved in politics and is one of the famous faces who publicly supported candidate Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election.

Meanwhile, another position to keep in mind is the Ascendant, and his is in the sign of Taurus, a working and magnetic energy. from this place, Moretz has gone from being one of the small promises of Hollywood to an established actress. He is also a celebrity on social media., where only on Instagram has more than 12 million followers. Her youthful face and casual style have led her to star on the covers of some of the most prestigious magazines such as Flaunt, Vogue and Teen Vogue.

Your Moon is located in the sign of Aries, an energetic and childlike fire sign and also considered “the eternal child of the zodiac.” From this perspective, the young artist revealed her fanaticism for electronic games. A typically Arian scenario, as it has playful and passionate energy.

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