Chris Brown after Rihanna’s violence: “I thought about suicide”


Rapper Chris Brown talks about his emotions after the attack against ex-girlfriend Rihanna: “I thought about suicide, I felt like a monster”.

chris brown suicide
Chris Brown and his dark period (Getty images)

It was the 2009 when the American rapper Chris Brown physically assaulted his partner Rihanna: the two had had a heated discussion which in a short time resulted in a real one physical violence. The rapper exploded with rage and following the ferocious assault, Rihanna suffered facial injuries very serious and was rushed to hospital. A scandal that negatively influenced not only Chris Brown’s career, but also his own life.

The rapper returned to the subject in his documentary Welcome to my life, a project in which he recounts some of the most important events of his life and the salient moments of his career in the world of music. The statements of the artist’s mother are also very sad, who recalling the day of the trial said: “It was the worst day of my life and probably his. “

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Chris Brown’s Shocking Confession: “I Thought About Suicide”

chris brown rihanna affression suicide
Chris Brown and Rihanna (Getty images)

They were one of the most loved couples of showbiz, two young artists, talented and in love with each other. In the documentary that tells about his life, the American rapper Chris Brown admitted what his deepest thoughts were after physically assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna. For that horrible crime he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years of probation.

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I felt like a monsterConfessed Chris Brown years after that terrible episode. “I didn’t sleep, I barely ate, I just wanted to get high. I also thought about suicide“. As Fanpage reports, the artist’s mother also appears in the documentary, who remembers the day of his sentence as the worst ever: “I felt like I was losing my babyHe revealed. Last June another woman accused him of hitting her after a fight: as Ansa reports, the prosecutor’s office is considering whether to indict him or not.


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