Chris Brown/Greensleeves/Red Rat case settled

You may remember the legal case brought by the Greensleeves label against American star Chris Brown (and Sony Music) for infringement and misuse of the lyrics of Tight Up Skirt by Jamaican artist RedRat (1997) in his hit Privacyreleased in 2017 and accumulating several hundred million views on Youtube and streaming platforms.

The parties informed the United States Court that the case was about to be settled.

As a reminder, in Tight-up SkirtRed Rat sings Hey you girl inna di tight up skirt. In PrivacyChris Brown resumes Hey you girl with the tight up skirt. According to Greensleeves in the subpoena filed in 2021, this last use was a highlight of the song, and clearly capitalized on the hit’s international fame and timelessness. Tight Up Skirt by Red Rat, whose lyrics have been reproduced without his permission. For this, she claimed, among other things, 1.5 million dollars in damages for infringement.

We do not know how much the transaction will amount to between the parties, who have until mid-October to finalize it. One thing is certain, Red Rat has always indicated that it was not made aware of the subpoena brought by Greensleeves in 2021 … Its representatives have also refused to comment on the current transaction.

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