Chris Brown paid $1 million to play South African music for “Shooter”

Very good!! Essa se deu muito bam!!

Chris Brown released his album “11:11” in the last sixth show (10) and still has two scenes left to watch.

As previously published, Chris Brown included the lyrics and voice of South African Garotinha, Naledi Efiwe, in the musical “Shooter”.

His video singing “Ubaba Ulala Nami” in class with his colleagues received thousands of views on TikTok, the first realization was published in Chris’s stories in late 2022. Not stopping here, the girl got a $1 ticket. Thousands of dollars for authorship rights and use of your voice. Because he is credited as a composer, he will receive royalties from his music for the rest of his life!!

Singer Davido said Chris Brown is one of the two American artistes who do it for love, Naledi’s life and her silent family, her account on Instagram is crescendo and she is very grateful for the great results!

“Shooter” is one of the most commented songs on the album. Do you know?

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