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The famous influencer of Nigerian origin Ramon Abbas and better known under the pseudonym “Hushpuppi” made the front page of publications on the blue bird’s social network. This situation is indeed following the evocation of his name by the American star Chris Brown in the titled song Monalisa which he jointly released with Lojay. In the verse, the singer indicates in particular: « See for this life | Me and you chop like Hushpuppi | We walk and they watch | Please show them that you are the best…”.

This mention of the Nigerian influencer’s name sparked several comments on the blue bird’s social network. Some say that the one who has been in detention for several months in the United States is the idol of many young people. “Young girls, the idol of many young boys was hushpuppi also a forewarned man is forearmed”, mocked a user.

A celebrity?

For another, the mention of his name in the star’s song is a sign of real celebrity. “Hushpuppi really chops life and is very popular in the world even chrisbrown testifies in monalisa remix”, publishes another. Note that the man known by the pseudonym Hushpuppi is being sued for money laundering and other email extortion schemes that cost its victims nearly $24 million.

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