Chris Brown Sends Congratulations to Rihanna and A$AP on Their Boy

Chris Brown congratulated his ex-girlfriend Rihanna for the birth of her baby.

Chris Brown once again demonstrates his attachment to Rihanna

The rumor that Rihanna gave birth ran, a few days ago. She turned out to be right. The couple welcomed in Los Angeles a little boy. It’s a big step for their relationship that arouses a lot of interest. Fans as well as celebrities from The Factory celebrated the news with the couple. Among these, we also have Chris Brown, who expressed his joy today. By its instagram storieshe used the praying hand, a heart and pregnancy emojis to get the message across: ” Congratulation “.

The love story between Chris and Riri may be over, but according to Rihanna, they still love each other. When they were together they had too many problems and sometimes publicly. Although separated with her, Chris Brown never ceases to show his affection for Rihanna. Evidenced by one of his latest singles for which A$AP called him. Even better, he commented on the topless photo of Riri of 2018 and declared to be thirsty for her shots of lingerie in 2019.

Moreover, when he does not monitor Rihanna, the singer is very productive. He recently announced his new album “Breezy” and got a new home Vegas. About the new album, he alluded to big names in the Game as collaborations.

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