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Although Chris Evans He plays “Captain America” ​​in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), where it seems that he is not afraid of anything, in real life he is a normal person who does have his own fears.

In fact, there is something that as an actor you have always avoided doing for years which he revealed in a recent interview.

What is Chris Evans afraid of?

The movie star was chatting with ET Canada, along with Ana de Armas for her new movie “Ghosted.”

In this context, the issue came up that the actress would be in the famous “Saturday Night Live” show, so Chris Evans was asked if he would be willing to make an appearance.

“Well, now I can handle a cameo. I’ve avoided hosting “SNL” like the plague for years just because I’m so scared. It’s scary to me“, he told the aforementioned medium.

«For me, it would be one of those things that every night I would wake up in a cold sweat. A cameo sounds great, that’s perfect. In and out…wet your toes,” added Chris Evans.

However, he congratulated his partner Ana de Armas for arming herself with courage and taking the opportunity. “But as a host, I take my hat off to her. She’s going to be amazing. But she would give me many sleepless nights.”

«I’m not a fun person. Maybe I only feel that because I have really, really funny friends who once told me I’m not a funny person.”

And Chris Evans continued to insist on his fear of hosting “Saturday Night Live.”

«I just know how I would feel…it would just be everyday anxiety, constant regret. Why did I do this? I could have been comfortable in my house, in my bed, without worrying about this.“, he finished counting.

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