Chris Evans dedicated some tender words to Ana de Armas


Chris Evans and Ana de Armas met again on the set of ghosted, the new Apple TV+ movie that they just finished shooting. And they never stop showing affection! This the actor wrote to his cast partner.

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans
© GettyAna de Armas and Chris Evans

The private life of Chris Evans is a complete unknown. The actor, despite being known worldwide for his role as Captain America in Marvel, has known how to separate his intimacy from the public eye. However, it should be noted that more than once rumors surrounded him in an incredible way. On several occasions the artist saw his name related to different women.

Of course, it should be noted that being related to its low profile, Chris Evans he always chose to ignore such speculation. So much so that all his alleged relationships were always just gossip. But now the strongest rumor is the one that links him to Anne of Arms. The actors met years ago working together on Knives Outwhere they demonstrated unparalleled chemistry.

However, now they will meet again in ghosteda new movie for Apple TV +. This time they will immerse themselves in a romantic adventure that not much is known about yet. In any case, the fact of seeing them work together again revived the rumors of romance between them. Although, to tell the truth, both continue to boast of being great friends, but a recent photo that Evans published gave a lot to talk about.

Chris, celebrating the end of filming ghostednot only thanked the entire team for said film, but also dedicated some tender words to Ana de Armas, exclusively. “This is a photograph from the end of filming for Ghosted. Many thanks to all the cast and crew for their hard work. It was absolute fun working with you every day.”, he began writing.

Then the former marvel captain america clarified: “And a very special thanks to Ana de Armas. If I could, I would make hundreds of movies with you. thanks for all the laughs”. And, the photo with which she accompanied these words caused a sensation due to the fun that can be seen on the faces of those who participate in the postcard.

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