Chris Evans reveals how much weight he lost after quitting playing Captain America

Chris Evans is promoting the recent film of Disney Lightyear, the character from the Toy Story movie. But it also revealed the changes he had to make to carry the shield ofCaptain America in Avengers: Endgame.

The act revealed that he has undergone a major transformation of his body in an interview for Yahoo! Entertainment. The interpreter revealed that a weight was lifted off him.

“It literally took a weight off my shoulders. I have lost about 15 pounds. Every time people see me, they say, ‘Are you okay? You have lost a little weight. Yeah, I haven’t had to go to the gym that hard,” revealed Chris Evans during the talk.

He also explained that it is not difficult for him to gain or lose weight quickly. Only with various actions is he able to stabilize his weight for other film productions.

He stated that by reducing the amount of consumption in some of his meals he is able to regain a lean frame. It becomes easy for him in a few weeks.

Will Chris Evans return to play Captain America?

Many wonder if Chris Evans reincarnate the character of steve rogers. There are no known answers about his future in this regard, although many do not rule out that he will play the character again.

The actor captures the attention of the media not only for his latest film. Also possible rumors of a relationship with Shakira they have placed Chris Evans on the latest trends.

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