Chris Evans: This is how he started his career and movies that made him famous

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The actor Chris Evans is considered one of the most charismatic thanks to his participation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his role as Captain America, however his career began when he was younger in comedy films such as Not another dumb american movie either the perfect brand where he shared the screen for the first time with Scarlett Johansson.

His rise to fame was thanks to his role as Johnny Storm on the tape fantastic fourthis being the first time I played a superhero, where it earned the cast an MTV Movie Awards nomination in the Best On-Screen Team category. He later returned to work with Johansson on the film A girl in trouble.

fantastic four

Another of his first films was Scott Pilgrim vs. the exes of the girl of his dreams 2010 where he played actor and skater Lucas Lee, one of Ramona’s evil exes. Then in 2011 came his career-building role in the superhero genre iPlaying Captain America for the first timewhich was well received by critics and grossed $370 million, by then one of the highest figures for a feature film of the superhero genre.

Captain America

He played this role for the next 8 years.both in his individual films and in the Avengers franchise, giving closure and saying goodbye to the character in 2019 on the tape Avenger:Endgame.

While making his way through the MCU, continued working on different films What Counting my exboyfriends with Ana Farris, the train of fear by director Bong Joon-Ho and later starred in an exceptional gift Y Between knives and secrets where He received several accolades for his performance. In addition to sharing credits with stars like Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Between knives and secrets

He is currently promoting his next project Lightyearthe movie of the famous space ranger from the tapes of ToyStory. In this tape Evans will give his voice to the protagonist Buzz Lightyear and narrate the character’s origins.


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