Chris Hemsworth is proud to show off his peach in Thor: Love and Thunder

Chris Hemsworth is proud to show off his peach in Thor: Love and Thunder. The Australian and director Taika Waititi had the wonderful idea of ​​sharing a gift with the actor’s fans in his latest Marvel film, where he stars as the superhero, Thor.

Hemsworth claims that including her derrière without clothes was a wish that finally came true: “They spent ten years doing that scene, kind of a dream of mine“. This statement was made by the Hollywood star during the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder.

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The actor was interviewed by Variety magazine, where he confessed that “the first time I played Thor I took off my shirt and thought: ‘You know what gonna sweeten this… a decade from now everything else will come out too.'”

At the Capitan Theater in Hollywood in Los Angeles, Chris explained that, in the fourth film of this superhero, director Taika Waititi also had the idea that it was time to include that revealing scene, as he felt it was important highlight Hemsworth’s muscular body.

In this regard, the filmmaker explained “I feel like we’ve all talked about that. We had commented: ‘yes, we have to show this body’. It was all like, Chris works so hard, you have to show it. Don’t cover it up with all these suits, the cape and stuff, that’s not fair!”.

However, the Australian had also shown part of your body in Rusha 2019 fictional film. In this regard, the actor joked “but this is a Marvel movie, on a very big screen, they are a pair of very large cheeks and, I don’t know, I’ve seen it before.”

The Australian admits that for years he surely dedicated himself to training excessively. However, he explained that people who intend to build muscle do not realize that it is a sport that should not be practiced every day, for two hours.

Said situation, he explained, only caused him to arrive more sore and without energy to the filming of the previous Thor tapes: “Training for ten years is a full-time job. That and a 12-hour shooting day , it’s real hard work.” However, in the end he acknowledged that it is also rewarding.

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