Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double for Thor explains “he has never been so muscular, hard to keep up with”


Between Thor and Hulk Hogan, Chris Hemsworth’s physical preparation is also putting a strain on Bobby Holland Hanton, his stunt double.

Last year i Marvel Studios they officially announced Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth installment of the saga on the God of Thunder interpreted by Chris Hemsworth in which Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) will become the Powerful Thor. The release date of the Taika Waititi in theaters it was initially set for November of 2021 but, due to the pandemic from COVID-19, the arrival of cinecomic has been postponed to May 6, 2022.

With filming of the film underway, in a recent interview with Fitzy & Wippa, Bobby Holland Hanton, the stand-in for Chris Hemsworth for the Marvel Studios movies, he talked about his tough training regimen.

In fact, despite having been preparing for months now, Hanton cannot keep up with Hemsworth and is pushing himself beyond all limits.

Everyone says to me, ‘Wow, look how big he is,’ and I, ‘Yeah, that’s great, I’m his stuntman!’

I sent him a message to say: “Thank you, my friend, this time it will be even more difficult”. We are following the same diet. He’s never been so muscular, so it’s up to me to push my limits too. We eat every two hours, it’s getting difficult. I don’t like to eat anymore.

In addition to the preparation for the God of Thunder, Hemsworth is also training for the biopic on Hulk Hogan by Netflix, for which since last summer he has been undergoing a crazy preparation to reach the muscles of the wrestler.


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