Chris Martin: the great crowd tamer who amazed the National Stadium

There was a time when Chris Martin got fed up Tired of the weight of being the leader of a successful band, with the obligation to feed a single-devouring machine, in 2019 he made a mental note. No more.

That spirit of making music without pressure led him to record dailylife, that his band Coldplay published that year. A double album, less single, more experimental, more alternative.

“I think honestly, what we did with this record was, ‘Fuck it. I don’t care what others think, you just have to let it be’. The way I perceive life right now is that you have to hold on to what you want and who you want. Because in the end that is taking care of yourself. See us as one. We travel the world so often that I see us like this, like a big family. I don’t believe in tribalism. I also don’t believe in nationalism. I think we were put in this place by something much bigger than ourselves. That impresses me and makes me feel grateful to be here and to be able to do what I do, ”he told Rolling Stone in February 2020.

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By then, Martin already seemed to detach himself from any label: “We have to clarify that we are not a rock band,” he said in that same talk. The band had already toured without returning to making soft music but with a vocation for stadiums.

Of course, Martin distanced himself from the arrogance of the Gallagher brothers, when in the effervescence of the nineties they shouted that Oasis was the best band on the planet: “That’s something that doesn’t matter to me anymore. I think I’ve finally realized that our job is to be the best version of ourselves in the world. And that exists because we love it. We will reach the people we need to reach by making records and traveling the world. We are the best Coldplay in the world.”

Born on March 2, 1977 in Exeter, England, Chris Martin has commented in interviews that at the age of pimples he was homophobic. “He was like, ‘If I’m gay, I’m completely screwed for eternity.’ He was just discovering sexuality. ‘Maybe I’m gay. I can’t be.’ He was horrified. He was in a school with a lot of very rude classmates and they all told me: ‘You’re definitely gay’. It was very strange for me for a few years, ”he commented in that same note with Rolling Stone.

But thanks to music he began to overcome that fear, and began a search that has extended with the songs he performs with his band. “Reading about Elton John probably helped. Realizing that a lot of my heroes were gay and that’s not what matters. That relieved a lot of pressure for me, but at the same time it made me question if everything I was learning about God was really something I believed in. Today God is everything to me. He is in everything and everyone; it is love and it is the miracle in the cell of absolutely everything”.

He married in 2003 with the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, with whom he had two children. However, the couple divorced in 2014. Until today, they have said that they maintain a “friendly” relationship. Of course, not without suffering. “I was depressed for a whole year after the breakup, but I have experienced many things since then,” she confessed to El País.

But like all couples leave something behind, Paltrow’s passage through his life left Martin with nothing less than a taste for the Spanish language. He passes that the woman of Shakespeare in Love (1998) speaks our language perfectly, since he lived as an exchange student in the Spanish town of Talavera de la Reina, in Toledo. In fact, she taught it to her two children, and so everyone in the house spoke the language of Cervantes… except Chris.

Today, Martin lives in sunny Malibu, Los Angeles, with his current partner, also an actress. dakota johnson and his dog Zeppelin. Together since 2018, she has been instrumental in underscoring the group’s policy of thinking about fans, with an emphasis on those with disabilities.

On May 13, a curious message appeared on the group’s Instagram account: “We want our live shows to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. For our deaf and hard of hearing guests, we are proud to offer @subpac (bass-emitting wearable vests), plus two sign language interpreters at each show. If we are going to a city near you and you would like to see the show with the performer and Subpacs, please email access@coldplay.com.”

The idea of ​​these vests that generate accessibility for deaf people was promoted by Martin, based on a gift that Dakota Johnson gave him. “My partner said, ‘I got you a Christmas present, a Subpac.’ She said, ‘It’s like what Finneas wears [Eilish] on the stage. when he is with billie [Eilish]’. And it vibrates, so it’s helpful for someone like Finneas to hear where one is on the bass drum,” the musician told CBS in July 2022.

Dakota’s idea is part of the activist work that Martin has developed, in the style of Bono, from U2, one of his referents. In fact, this tour that brings him to Chile, the Music Of The Spheres, has been defined as environmentally friendly. Something that since 2019 had been defined as a letit motive of the quartet. “We have spent the last two years consulting with environmental experts to make this tour as sustainable as possible and, more importantly, to harness the potential of the tour to push things forward,” Chris Martin said in a statement.

Photo: Pedro Rodriguez

And it doesn’t just stay in words. for their shows, the group set out to use 100 percent renewable energy, for which it entered into an alliance with BMW to develop a mobile and rechargeable battery for shows, which is made from recyclable BMW i3 batteries. In addition, Martin has been close to the NGO Oxfam, which champions the cause of fair trade.

In recent statements to TV Globo, during the band’s stop in Brazil, Martin reaffirmed his convictions: “Never give up. Everyone is important, no one is more special than anyone else. We have to protect the planet because we are made of it and we live on it. Be nice to others and dress how you want.”

Photo: Pedro Rodriguez

“It seems like I’m the only person who believes in love, in peace, but then you listen to a song and you think: ‘Oh, a lot of people want me.’ When people gather at concerts, it brings optimism”, added the blonde.

On the tour he has also shown his taste for Spanish. In fact, in 2017 the band met with Shakira with whom they performed Blackmail. In Spanish. Something mechanical, but Spanish after all. In addition, he adds to the nod he gave to Juan Luis Guerra last March when he sang Pink bachata, at his show in the Dominican Republic. A happy man can do anything.

He also exhibited it last night in Santiago, in the first of his recitals at the National Stadium – they continue this Wednesday, Friday and Saturday-, when he spoke for long passages in Spanish, considerably more than many stars of the same caliber.

For the rest, he took charge of his show at the Nacional when, at Coldplay’s first appearance in 2007, the fans reproached him for the high price of the tickets, forcing them to go out and give away tickets in the middle of the hotel (an anecdote who told loudly about the end of the show). Chris Martin is a guy who pretends to be in everyone. Here, there and everywhere. An omnipresent profile that today consolidates him as one of today’s greatest singers.

Impossible to escape from his presence.

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