Chris Pine gives candid response when asked about possible return to superhero movies

Multi-universe actor Chris Pine recently shot down the idea of ​​more superhero projects.

Speaking to, Chris Pine dismissed the idea of ​​returning to Marvel or DC with a future appearance in the MCU or DCU. When asked if he would rejoin either of these, Pine responded with a short and simple “no”. Pine plays Steve Trevor opposite Gal Gadot in DC wonder woman And wonder woman 1984Also provided the voice of Peter Parker Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, He did not return this year across the spider-verse, Despite the fact that his appearances in the superhero franchise were well received, it is clear that he has no interest in returning.

Disney’s biggest property needs to go back to basics

Chris Pine is busy playing the villain

While Pine has no intentions of returning to Marvel or DC, he is currently doing press for Disney’s upcoming animated film Desire, In Desire, Pine voices the villainous King Magnifico, ruler of the Rosas Empire. Wish follows a young girl named Asha (Ariana DeBose) who makes a powerful wish from the stars to save her beloved kingdom from the dark intentions of King Magnifico. Despite the fact that King Magnifico is the film’s undisputed antagonist, the filmmakers have emphasized that Hope and Magnifico’s wishes overlap at times – a concept the Wish team had long wanted to explore.

Pine’s performance as King Magnifico has been praised by Disney executives, with the media giant’s CCO Jennifer Lee saying that the actor was able to perfectly portray the nuanced aspects of his character: “[Pine]was emotionally invested in the character. Could get in. “So he was an incredible partner to do that. He’s very smart and can sing, so he becomes more lively every day.”

James Gunn welcomes Supergirl: Women of Tomorrow writer to DC Studios family

Pine will not be present for the ever-expanding Marvel multi-verse or the upcoming overhaul of the DCU; Guardians of the Galaxy Directors James Gunn and Peter Safran set to take over DCU after release Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, While Gunn has been quite vocal about which characters and actors will be taking over the new DCU era, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is still in the news. “We’ve talked to Gal. She’s open to doing something,” he said at a DC Studios press event. “We’re not sure what we’re going to do with it. All I can really tell you right now is that Henry (Cavill) and Ben (Affleck) are not part of this universe.” Obviously, Pine can be added to that list of actors.

Desire Premieres in theaters on November 22.


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