Chris Pratt: Twitter fans tease him after Star-Lord’s bisexuality announcement


Who knows what Chris Pratt will think of Star-Lord’s bisexuality? This is what some Twitter users are asking themselves after the latest announcement at Marvel.

In one of the last issues of the paper saga dedicated to Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel revealed that the character of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord And bisexual. While the news was well received by fans, on Twitter it was Chris Pratt to be at the center of conversation and fooling around of some users.

Pratt, in fact, is often criticized by Marvel fans and not for his political ideas – much has been said about his lack of media support for Joe Biden’s election campaign – and even more for his affiliation with a well-known church with anti-ideologies. LGBTQ +. For the latter reason, many, after it was revealed that Star-Lord of Guardians of the Galaxy is bisexual, took the opportunity to make jokes that would indicate an (alleged) aversion on the part of the actor to the ‘ sexual orientation of his character, as in these tweets collected by WGTC.

Chris Pratt when he realizes that Star-Lord is bisexual“.

Marvel: Star Lord is bisexual
Chris Pratt at his home:


I need a video of Chris Pratt discovering that Star-Lord is bisexual“.

So apparently Star-Lord is bisexual. And he is also played by Chris Pratt who attends an anti-LGBTQ + church. Divine timing is always right“.

At the moment, Chris Pratt has not yet commented on the story, nor the revelation on the paper counterpart of his character (we do not know what will happen in the MCU, if we will ever see it concretized or the topic will be addressed directly).


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