Chris Rock: Leslie Jones reveals the consequences of Will Smith’s Gifle sur l’humoriste et sa famille

In a recreation with the site People, comedian Leslie Jones has expressed on the psychological consequences of the Will Smith jiffle issued by Chris Rock, the winner of the Oscar ceremony in 2022. Family.

An emotional feeling. American comedian Leslie Jones is not present at the Oscars ceremony, where Will Smith is directed by Chris Rock – who will return the Oscar for Best Documentary Film – to share a gift after featuring a cell phone humor. -C sur le Crain Rassie One of the spouses, Jada Pinkett Smith (who is participating in a disease called “alopecia” is sweeping the entire country). A rare violence in a moment where a monopoly l’space mediatique pendent des jours, voir des weeks après coup. And I deeply shocked the comedian.

“Sela ma enragé”, Leslie Jones states on her site American People. «I submit my place before my voice. That’s what I have to say about the wrath of Pluses Niveox. Leslie Jones explains that this gift permanently affected not only Chris Rock but also his family. «It’s insulting to me. Families do not understand that their girls, their parents, should not help them on the spot. It is the obligation for children to correspond with a psychiatrist, precisely.

in parlor scene

Leslie Jones wants to avoid proposing a long-running event. «Chris a seulement fait une p…. Of blog. I wonder what the Australians… And what I know: ‘You haven’t raised any possibility of a coup? These are the Oscars. Le monde entier te regard”, Lance-t-Elle. Salon Elle, Will Smith enjoys another opportunity to improve the moment of receiving an Oscar for his actor. «I want to repeat this opportunity, which I chose Have. Serious: ‘Je noir pas du faire’s. Amenez-moi Chris. I have not accepted the maintenance of this statue, I think I am committing an error, want to complete the comedy.

Inquired about Chris Rock’s decision making about the latest spectacle, and criticizing certain proposals, Leslie Jones said the best thing about self-expression as a comedian, appropriate to the Sela Sur scene. To know more about. «You are ready to see a good spectacle. It’s only right that we give the font to humorists. In lieu of a cable, parle sur une p…. of sight. Heureusement que nos avons la scene», dit-elle.

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