Chris Rock’s brother challenges Will Smith to a boxing match

After the slap of Will Smith Chris Rock, one of the comedian’s brothers, decided to challenge the Oscar-winning actor.

As we had told you, Kenny Rock had already spoken out after slapping his brother, condemning the events and launching insults and threats against the actor.

The youngest of Chris Rock’s brothers has just signed a contract to hold a boxing match that will take place next summer in Florida.

Kenny Rock invited Will Smith because his fight still has no opponent and this would be a good way to get back at his brother at the Oscars.

Chris Rock’s brothers threaten Will Smith

Just a few days ago, the comedian’s brothers attacked Will Smith, threatening to hit him if they found him somewhere.

And it is that, everything seems to indicate, the comedian’s brothers exploded after the slap that went viral.

Kenny Rock, the brother who would face Will Smith in the boxing match, said he was not afraid of the actor and his great height.

The truth is that Will Smith has training in boxing and martial arts, this would put Kenny Rock at a disadvantage if the fight takes place.

So far Will Smith has not commented on the matter and it is very likely that the actor wants to put aside the conflict that has already cost him a 10-year punishment at the Academy.


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