Chrissy Teigen is pregnant… Kim Kardashian has her body fat measured…

August 4, 2022

Ioan Gruffudd obtains a protective order against his ex-wife Alice Evans

Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans separated in March of last year, and the least we can say is that the breakup is going very badly! So much so that the Welsh actor has just obtained a three-year protective injunction against his ex-wife.

Justice has banned the actress from posting “negative” posts on social media or from “harassing” Ioan Gruffudd or his new girlfriend Bianca Wallace online. She also shouldn’t post her ex’s messages, or other communications between him and their children.

Also according to the legal documents, Alice Evans “used her social media accounts to continue to harass, threaten, and disturb” Ioan Gruffudd and Bianca Wallace.

Chrissy Teigen is pregnant

Kim Kardashian gets her body fat measured

Kim Kardashian has a new fad: she wants to know how much fat she has in her body! The star therefore brought a scanner in the van to be assessed from head to toe.

“Look who just arrived! They measure your bone density and fat percentage and all the good stuff to make sure you’re fit and healthy,” she shared in her Instagram Story.

And the results are good! “My bones are stronger than 93-97% of people,” she adds, while fat-wise, “a year ago my fat percentage was 25% and now it’s 18. .8%”. “So it’s in the athlete category,” replied the technician.

You have to know how to rejoice in what you can…

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