Christian Chavez gets snubbed, criticized and compared to Sam Smith for his outfit on the RBD Tour

After his first concert in the comeback of the RBD band, Christian Chávez caused controversy on social networks due to the costumes he wore during the show.

On social networks such as TikTok, users and followers expressed conflicting opinions about Chávez’s outfit: some praised him and others compared his style to British Sam Smith.

Since the night of Saturday, 26 August, videos of the concert presented by RBD have been circulating, where Christian can be seen wearing shiny pants, high heels, black gloves and a corset of the same tone, exposing part of his chest Happening.

“Oh no, another Sam Smith”, “He’s imitating Sam Smith”, “A copy of Sam Smith”, “Oh no, I better think of the way he sings”, “That’s too much is”, “there’s already a Sam Smith, that should be more original”, “this is not the RBD I remember”, “don’t need to do this”, “zero likes”, these are just some of the comments .

Despite the divided comments, it wasn’t all negative for the artist; Most of the followers applauded that they finally had the freedom they yearned for.

“This is him now, just stop criticizing”, “I love that this is him”, “He finally returned to the stage to be himself”, “You deserve it, enjoy your concerts by being you”. “Take it”, “He looked gorgeous”, “He looks free and he deserves it”, “I love that he can be himself now”, “After going through so much, he doesn’t want to enjoy it”. deserves”, he said.

After 15 years, Anahi, Dulce, Maite, Christopher and Christian will tour several countries in the Americas to satisfy their followers, who have long been demanding a reunion.

He i am rebel tour debuted with their first concert in El Paso, Texas last weekend.

In the show, they not only surprised with their interpretation of their biggest hits, but also presented them with impressive production, set design and costumes, aspects that have already sparked many conversations.

At the beginning of the group, the singer and actor kept his sexual orientation a secret until 2007, a few months before the group disbanded.

Through an official statement, Chávez spoke about his sexual orientation and declared himself openly gay.

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