Christian Estrada’s ex-girlfriend stars in “The Nanny”, this is the scene few people have seen

Without a doubt, one of my favorite series of the decade The 90s was “The Nanny”starring actress fran drescheDuring the six seasons of the said production he had Many guest stars, some of them Elton John, Pamela Anderson, Celine Dion, Elizabeth Taylor, among many others.

However, very few people remember their participation One of the ex-girlfriends of controversial model Christian EstradaHas gained popularity due to his romances with celebrities like frida sophiadaughter of Alejandra Guzman.

Christian Estrada recently ended his courtship with Alicia Machado.
Photo: IG@estradac11

Which ex-girlfriend of Christian Estrada participated in “La Ninera”?

Video of the exact moment the ex-girlfriend’s involvement on the social network Christian EstradaWe refer to the former model and Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

During his participation in the famous series, Machado Appeared with her band and crown with which she was given the title of the most beautiful woman in the world nineteen ninety six and even his appointment with the hero is assumed “Babysitter”.

Although their involvement was brief, it has recently been circulating on social networks, as the actress has given much to talk about after relating Christian EstradaHowever, that romance fizzles out.

Why did Alicia Machado end up with Christian Estrada?

Along with a picture in which she is seen dressed all in white, Alicia Machado shared this Tuesday 29 August with whom they have an emotional connection Christian Estrada Everything ended, the former model did not reveal the reasons that led her to this decision.

Despite not making public the reasons why he decided not to continue his courtship with the controversial Christian Estrada, MachadOr said that she was determined to fall in love again and thus get what she deserves.

This is how they announced the end of their relationship Photo: IG @machadooficial

“I’m swimming in the gloom of love, but I’ve been strong enough to hold on to what I deserve! Without much explanation, I release what doesn’t vibrate or isn’t in line with my values ​​as a person and I reconsider the opportunity to fall in love again, but myself as a woman. Even stronger and with the necessary maturity to continue to value and grow! Statement of Alicia Machado

The former Miss Universe has made it clear she will continue her independent pathbut above all “Stronger Than Ever”and it’s the same Alicia Between the lines Machado reveals that she is not having a good time, however, she is sure that tomorrow will be much better, because of her family, friends and her love. Fans keep him on his feet.

This isn’t the first time they’ve had a breakup
Photo: IG@estradac11

Although this will not be the first time that he has ended his relationship with someone. roadIt seems sure because Venezuelan made it clear that his The love story has come to an end with the controversial model.

“End of this simple story! Today ends the emotional relationship I shared with you with so much love and trust!”, wrote Alicia Machado

At the end, Alice Machado She assures that she will continue to work every day to become a better version of herself, as she wants nothing more in this life than to fall in love again.

this was the first picture they took together
Photo: IG@estradac11

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