Christian Kouamé has offered the record of Lionel Messi

3 assists in 7 minutes: Kouamé beats Messi… on time

With his three assists in one match, Christian Kouamé did not achieve a world record. Undav had already done it against Anderlecht, two weeks ago, and Nainggolan against Fiorentina with Cagliari (5-2). Messi, he has five to his credit: three with Barcelona, ​​one with Argentina and one against Saint-Étienne (1-3), on November 28.

On the other hand, nobody realized this ‘assist-hattrick’ in 7 minutes. The great specialist in the field is the Bosnian Miroslav Stevanovic from Servette Geneva, author of 102 assists in his career, including seven ‘assist-hattricks’ and even an ‘assist-quadruple’. But his best time was 11 minutes and 42 seconds.

Amuzu, the fourth to score a hat-trick in the playoffs

You don’t have to go very far to find traces of the last hat-trick in the playoffs. This is the Genkois Kristian Thorstvedt. It was already Antwerp who had tasted (4-0), during the penultimate meeting of the 2021 Europe playoffs. Charleroi, on the occasion of a victory for the Club at Mambourg (1-3).

Last player on this honorary list, Mbaye Leye and his fiery playoffs (eight goals and four assists) in 2012-13, the almost-title season. In Waregem, no one will forget his hat-trick on the lawn of Bruges which had offered a spectacular victory (3-4).

0-4 at a big one? The third time since the start of the playoffs

The river victories of the Mauves among their direct competitors are becoming rare. The last dates back to the 2012 playoffs on the lawn of Genk. The ghost Kanu stole the show from De Bruyne, Benteke and Vossen to get a double. Milan Jovanovic, with his three assists, also contributed to the 0-4 success.

Enough to lead Ariël Jacobs to his last title. The other 0-4 took place on the lawn of Sclessin, at the height of the rivalry with the Rouches. Six months after his tackle on Wasilewski, Witsel had been excluded in a tense climate. The score had been weighed down by a certain Romelu Lukaku and by two self-goals from Liège at the end of the match.

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