Christian Nodal and Belinda raise strong rumors of reconciliation

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Belinda and Christian Nodalmore than a month after announcing the end of their relationship, They are once again in the eye of the hurricane, after strong rumors and signs that indicate that they could return.

This was announced by the journalist Angélica Palacios for her YouTube channelWell, apparently the interpreter of “Bottle after bottle” has been in direct contact with his ex-fiancée and refuses to close the cycle with the beautiful blonde.

“Nodal is in love to the bone, and Belinda too”, The communicator pointed out, which is why the singer refuses to erase all the tattoos he made in honor of his ex-girlfriend.

And it is that in his most recent Instagram stories, Christian Nodal He has shown no matter what they will say the tattoo that he still has on his forehead with the word “Utopia”, which was made in reference to a Belinda album.

“Nodal is excited (…) are they going out to see a reunion, or good terms, or did they come back?”said the journalist.

Christian Nodal shows off his tattoos on social networks
Photo: Instagram @nodal

With this, followers of the couple mention that they could be in reconciliation talks and that is that Nodal In one of his videos, he brought the camera closer to his forehead, emphasizing said tattoo, which could perhaps be a sign directed at his ex and of which only they know its meaning.

Followers assure that Nodal sends signs to Belinda
Photo: Instagram @nodal

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