Christian Nodal and Eduin Caz “cannot be seen even in painting”

Christian Nodal and Eduin Caz were present at the Lo Nuestro Awards night and would show the rivalry that has separated them. This was the rudeness of the Mexican regional!

The singer Christian Nodal and the vocalist of Grupo Firme would finally face each other at the recent awards gala, the controversial moment reiterated what has become evident to many over time.

It would be the past statements of Christian Nodal, the trigger that these versions will gain greater strength.

The “composer“and the 27-year-old musician also met recently in the tribute that was paid to Vicente Fernández in the middle of the “Premios Lo Nuestro 2022” gala, which surely brought to the minds of many of his followers the reasons for his alleged enmity.

However, some of the images of the gala would show everything except the rumors that have revolved around both figures. The “Sonoran” appears very happy with the members of this group who effusively expressed “it’s already set up”.

The images where the young man of 23 is seen enjoying himself with some tr@gos circulated from a video shared by “BandaMax”, and it should be said, it has already sparked several speculations about the new duet that is coming between the two.

“Is this how your rivalry arose?”

The quarrels between Christian Jesús González Nodal and the interpreter of “Ya Supérame”, would start several months ago, the interpreter of “We are no longer, nor will we be“He would at some point state a list of artists with whom he mentioned, he would never collaborate, including Eduin Caz.

The “Belinda’s ex-fiancé“He reiterated at that time that” he did not know him and did not like his music “which immediately triggered the reaction of the native of Culiacán, Sinaloa.

Although many of his fans will remember, it was in the middle of a dynamic where the “former judge of The VoiceHe was questioned by his fans, to whom he clarified that he did not know the interpreter of “regional music”, but that “he did not like his music”.

“Neither is the case and I don’t know the boy nor is it that I have problems with other artists that I said I wasn’t going to collaborate with, rather it is that I consider that to make a good duet you have to like the music of the other artist and personally and with all due respect, because I don’t really like his music, expressed the native of Caborca, Sonora at that time.

After these statements reached the ears of the businessman, he also said he felt sad when he shared that, for his part, he was a fan of González Nodal’s music.

It’s fine, I really like the way he sings but when faced with a resounding no, what can be done to him, but I’m not bothered, we’re going to leave him and everything’s fine, later he acknowledged: ‘The net did hurt me, because I really like how sings’.

Apparently, the interpreter of songs like “Goodbye Love“, “They did not tell you wrong” among others decided to rectify their statements and apologized after the incident.

I want to clarify and apologize to all the fans of other artists and to the artists who felt offended because yesterday I did an activity about the probability of doing other duets and I didn’t think someone was going to be offended, he commented.

Followed by this, the highlighted with Latin Grammy and Billboard, Christian Jesús González, shared that sometimes he does not measure his words well, so he reiterated his apologies for the way he expressed himself.

“I’m too crude to say, I’m too cool to talk, so, honestly, I saw it as from the most personal side as a musician, but I already understood that there are ways to say things or simply not say them and nothing, I love them very much” , commented, at that time, the native of Caborca.

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