Christian Nodal and his controversial photo with “The Mexican Kardashian”

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Since his breakup with Belinda, Christian Nodal continues to give what to talk about with different controversies, now it is for a photograph in which he appears very close to the Mexican Kim Kardashian, Mariana Gonzalez.

Nodal appeared with members of the family of Vicente Fernandezeven Vicente Fernandez Jr. He is in the photo with the Mexican Kardashian, because he is his current partner, but in the image it does not seem, because he is closer to Nodal in the famous ranch “Los tres foals”.

Through social networks, the image began to go viral where “The Mexican Kardashian” appears very closely with the singer, while Vicente Fernández Jr marked a little of his distance.

“I love its simplicity. In the best cafe in Guadalajara with a super guest”, wrote the influencer.

As expected, fans and haters of both began to speculate on the subject. Some highlighted that the influencer makes a better couple with Nodal than with Vicente’s son.

“Vicente Fernández Jr is filling”; “Better remove Vicente, hahaha”; “Don’t make me angry”; “Be careful Vicentico that Nodal is on fire”, “Already thinking about changing his outfit”; “Which of the two is Nodal?”; “His body language caught my attention”; “The net my dear Chente Jr… is there as a filler”, “Why so far from your partner? She looks like she doesn’t fit in the photo, ”she reads in some reactions.

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