Christian Nodal, Bad Bunny and other celebrities with whom Cazzu has been linked

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Cazzu is an Argentine singer who has been recently related to Christian Nodal. The Mexican regional interpreter has apparently left Belinda behind and is giving himself another chance at love. They haven’t confirmed (or denied) the news yet, but they are expected to do so soon. What they have shown is that they have great mutual admiration for their musical careers.

Many of Christian Nodal’s followers did not know Cazzu before the photographs where they are seen holding hands. Now they have begun to listen to his music and discover that the Sonoran is not the first famous person with whom he has been related.

Celebrities with whom Cazzu has been linked

Cazzu is a well-known rapper in the industry and in her country. She has had many collaborations with big names with whom she has even been romantically linked. Some have remained as rumors but others have confessed her love for the singer.

bad bunny

Among the big names that can be read in your list of ex-partners you find bad bunny with whom he allegedly had a courtship in 2018 after collaborating in presentations throughout the rapper’s country. They had some concerts at the “Luna Park” stadium in Argentina and were discovered kissing backstage.

Days later and after a great persecution of the media, Cazzu clarified that they were not boyfriends but great friends who loved each other very much. Bad Bunny preferred to remain silent and never said anything about the singer.


After the controversy with Bad Bunny, he was related to the Argentine rapper Tomás Manuel Campos. He confirmed it in an interview for the media, also emphasizing that he is a wonderful person who is very important to his life. They decided to break up to continue their musical careers because they had a busy schedule that prevented them from seeing each other often.

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