Christian Nodal brags again about “his new conquest” and they assure that he wants to make Belinda jealous

What a ruckus keep causing Christian Nodal after his sentimental rupture, since everything seems to indicate that he is forgetting Belinda in the arms of a mysterious blonde of which very little is known so far, but which has even been captured accompanying the singer in his recent presentations in Mexico.

The first time that the interpreter of “We are no longer nor will we be” was seen with the blonde was on March 26 in a restaurant in Los Angeles, California, causing all kinds of reactions, as they attributed the cancellation of a concert that he had planned in Medellín, Colombia, and which he did not arrive due to alleged weather problems.

Shortly after, it was learned that the mysterious companion of Cristian Nodal is called Mariana Ríos and is originally from Colombia. In addition, according to the Twitter profile @reinavenenosaa, she is a escort that she met the singer during a recent trip to Cancun and that she would have hired to go with her everywhere, including her presentations.

And it was precisely during the palenque of the Strawberry Fair in Irapuato, Guanajuato, where Christian Nodal was seen again accompanied by Mariana Ríoswho appeared before the cameras of the “Ventaneando” program at the end of said presentation and accompanied by the security team of the Mexican regional singer.

On this occasion, the mysterious woman, about whom very little is known until now, arrived wearing a black dress that highlighted her curvaceous silhouette.

Likewise, in the show program the drivers agreed that everything could be a plan to provoke the jealousy of the interpreter of “Love at first sight”, since Nodal has been seen by his fans and the media walking with his “new love”.

He wants to give Belinda a bite, he’s showing it off“, said Pati Chapoy.

While Mónica Castañeda, Daniel Bisogno, Pedro Sola and Ricardo Manjarrez highlighted that it is a woman who is over 30 years old and could even be older than Belinda.

I assure you that he is in his thirties too. But Belinda is not even up to her heels“, they added.

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