Christian Nodal confirms new tattoo on his face

Christian Nodal He unleashed euphoria among the inhabitants of Hermosillo, Sonora, as he offered an unforgettable presentation before more than 60,000 people who were able to sing his most recent hits and the classics with which they heard him take off to world fame.

After appearing with a surprising and colorful look, a situation that led him to be the most mentioned topic in the entertainment media and social networks for several days, the interpreter of “Adiós amor” had the opportunity to live with his fans in each of the places in which he was, so they could notice that his face was different.

Well, something that caught your attention during your visit to your home state, was that his face was painted in the colors and style characteristic of the Seri people, Community originating from the Sonoran territory, so it quickly began to speculate that it was a new tattoo and the singer confirmed it on his Instagram: “And I tattooed it”shared.

Christian Nodal gets a tattoo from a community in Sonora

He also shared a series of photographs explaining that design means “protection for warriors”this was announced by Mina Barnett, the artisan in charge of making the painting on May 29, “I had the joy of meeting the famous regional Mexican singer Christian Nodal to do the traditional Comcáac face painting at his request before going on stage.”

Although the singer only confirmed the tattoo, one of the reasons he decided to turn the painting into an indelible design may have been because “The interpretation I gave him when making this design was to wish him well for all the projects of his life”as written by the craftswoman.

Christian Nodal tattoos pre-Hispanic painting

On the other hand, the councilor of the Comcáac community, Alberto Melladon, explained in a Sonoran media outlet that painting is a pre-Hispanic distinctive for the Seri people, “In the case of women, this can be said to be a pre-Hispanic facial makeup, it is a way to beautify their face; there were different designs, which were used by both young girls and adults in times of celebration, in times of mourning” , detailed and added that Nodal had chosen a masculine design: “In the men it implied war, because the men were warriors who defended the tribe.”

Although the photograph of the new tattoo is going around the world through the internet, Christian Nodal He is happy and relaxed because of the comments that may come to him.

Christian Nodal confirms new tattoo on his face

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