Christian Nodal is reunited with his mother on the luxurious birthday of his sister, Amely Nodal

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Nodal’s family has been in controversy since the regional Mexican singer ended up with Belinda, whether it was his grandmother who sent a hint to Beli and her mother: “fine hustlers”, the rumor that the interpreter’s parents had divorced and to conclude the rumor that Christian Nodal had been angry with his mother and had blocked her from his social networks.

But all these rumors are goneAt Amely Nodal’s 20th birthday party, where the family forgot their discussions and Christian Nodal and his parents could be seen together.

The celebration was held in a hidden cabin in the middle of the forest surrounded by a lake and many pine trees. The venue that hosted Amely Nodal’s celebration was exquisitely decorated with dozens of candles and lights, which gave it the fantastic air of a world of fairies. There were also flowers on the tables, on the ceiling and in every corner of the place.

It was through Cristy Nodal’s Instagram stories that we could see the details of the celebration.

“I love you with all my being, queen of my life. Who would say, 20 years already, my beloved doll. My Mimi”, wrote Cristy Nodal, who after going through a delicate health episode was seen to be very recovered and happy.

So how he captured the exact moment he arrived Christian Nodal aboard a Harvey Davidson motorcycle and title the video: “my heart is complete now”,

In addition to the party the family went for a walk, the singer on his motorcycle and his family in a golf cart. Just as the family was photographed in front of the lake.

Video: Christian Nodal arriving at his sister’s birthday

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