Christian Nodal shows that he has already forgotten Belinda, giving Cazzu a bouquet of flowers

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A Cazzu Y Christian Nodal They have been seen very affectionate, so it is said that four months were enough for the regional Mexican interpreter to forget his ex-fiancée, Belinda, and the singer would already be giving himself another chance at love.

And although the singers have not revealed whether they have a courtship or not, they have been seen very close together on the Nodal tour. The first time they were caught holding hands was on a trip to Guatemala, then the regional Mexican singer accompanied her to Spain during her performance at Primavera Sound, and days later she traveled to Bolivia to be with him on his short tour of That country.

It was in Bolivia where the singers were caught kissing and kissing. And apparently the romance is going from strength to strength since recently the interpreter of “Bottle after bottle” received Cazzu in Colombia with a bouquet of red roses.

In social networks, some Internet users have commented that They do not believe that the courtship between the singers is real and that Nodal has not yet been able to forget the pop singer.

Nothing to do with Belinda, she looked very happy, obviously she does not forget her, she will never get over her, it was her loveshh” and “Not even her grandparents believe that romance. Nodal still hasn’t forgotten Belinda and it’s too bad that Nodal uses cazzu and she lets herself be used,” were some of the comments made in the video clip shared on the instgram of “Come Joy”.

In the meantime, Belinda recently set foot on Mexican lands to perform at the Machaca Fest and on her way through the Mexico City airport she was questioned about what She thought of her ex-boyfriend’s romance, to which she preferred to remain silent and divert the conversation.

Belinda at the Machaca Fest

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