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Christian Nodal was presented for the second consecutive night in Guatemala and made his fans enjoy during one of the most anticipated concerts of the year.

Despite the party that was lived during his live presentation, the Mexican singer returned to star in an unusual moment when He was about to fall again on stage.

In the midst of his interpretation of the theme bottle after bottle, Christian Nodal lost his balance on stage and tripped in the same place in which the night before he had twisted his ankle.

Faced with this situation, the interpreter of Mexican regional music briefly interrupted the song and made a gesture to try to eliminate any kind of “bad vibes” of the place, again taking this incident with good humor.

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Christian Nodal continued singing his acclaimed song, but at one point he stopped the music to talk to the audience about what happened and joke about this situation.

“Either I’m pend *** or this place has something”, commented the artist to later make a joke with his followers and continue your concert.

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It should be noted that this Saturday, May 7, during his first presentation in Guatemala, Christian Nodal suffered a spectacular fall on stagewhich caused him to hurt his left ankle.

After his accident, the singer the had to continue his concert sitting down And at the end was lowered from the stage with the help of his work team.

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However, minutes after his live presentation ended, Nodal made a post on his Instagram account in which, with a great sense of humor, he made fun of his fall and revealed to feel good.

“Today I kissed the stage,” wrote Christian Nodal in this publication.


Nodal’s fall 😵

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