Christian Nodal, weeks after breaking up with Belinda, is caught romantically with another woman

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Christian Nodal, more than a month after announcing his breakup with Belinda, continues to talk about and not only because of his multiple work commitments that are part of his “Outlaw Tour”, but because In the last hours he was seen in good company, which could indicate that he is ready to start a new romance.

Through social networks a video went viral in which you can see the interpreter of “Goodbye love” sitting at a table in an exclusive restaurant in Los Angeles, in California, next to a beautiful woman with blonde hair.

Photo: TikTok @lachismeriamx

The images were captured by a fan of the singer, who was in the same place and did not hesitate to record it from behind. Minutes later, the subject approached Nodal’s table to ask him for a photo of his memory and he agreed in the most friendly way.

Photo: TikTok @lachismeriamx

Immediately, Sonoran fans began to compare the physical features of the mysterious woman, whose identity and face were not revealed, with those of Belinda, assuring that he has not been able to overcome her and is trying to replace her.

Let’s remember that in the official video of “We are no longer we will not be”, Christian Nodal he was criticized for the same reason, since the model accompanying him is a pretty blonde with gestures and features similar to those of his ex-fiancée.

The video of Nodal, very well accompanied, is released hours after he canceled his presentation in Medellín, Colombia at the last minute, which has generated all kinds of speculation. Followers of the singer assure that his new conquest was the reason why he did not come to his concert and not for climatic reasons as he explained this morning on social networks.

Look here at Christian Nodal with a mysterious woman:

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