Christian Nodal, why did you cancel your tour in Colombia?

Christian Nodal would recently cancel a tour in Medellin, Colombia, where he would appear along with other figures, once again giving something to talk about in the midst of a series of controversies around his presentations, demands and his personal life.

The reasons for the absence by the Sonoran singerChristian Nodal could have been due to setbacks with the flights as the native of Caborca, Sonora would explain through his social networks.

Immediately, the public did not take long to show their discontent by emitting in unison a series of insults that were presumably directed at the interpreter of “Goodbye Love“, as can be heard in one of the recordings that circulated on the Twitter social network, in which the attendees were asked for their understanding after some excesses were unleashed in the place.

Nodal concert WITHOUT NODAL. At this time the public shows its discontent, it can be seen in the legend that accompanies the images.

Thousands of people gathered in the Atanasio Girardot state to live a night of music next to the “composer“However, they ended up furious when they found out that the Mexican had not even arrived in their country. What unleashed a tremendous chaos, and they threw claims and even objects on stage.-

Christian Jesús González Nodal would share part of the night with figures such as Banda MS, Jerry Rivera, Jessi Urbe, DJ Agudelo 888, Luis Alfonso and DJ Morro who apparently had no idea what happened to him either.former judge of The Voice“.

Later, a voice on the microphone informed the audience that the presentation would be rescheduled and tried to calm the spirits of the attendees after hearing the whistles through the local sound of the stadium.

This concert will be rescheduled. We appreciate your understanding but it is not the fault of the chairs or the platform, they are things that get out of hand. Work is already being done with Christian Nodal to reschedule, the voice was heard.

For its part, Christian Nodal Gonzále, 23, launched a message on his social networks addressed to his fans in Colombia to whom he apologized and explained it this way:

My people from Medellín, this video is to apologize to all of you because today it is impossible for me to be there to sing to you. I have tried to reach Medallo in every possible way, I have not been able to. I took two different planes, there were two technical failures and the weather was not in our favor, I hope you understand that all this got out of our hands, out of our control, said the “singer-songwriter”.

The one born on January 11, 1999, who recently released the song, “We are not, nor will we be”, a resounding success after his scandalous breakup with Belinda, finally added: “I was very excited to get to sing to them and bring them an unforgettable night .Finished.

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