Christian Nodal would be crushedWho is Mariana García?

Christian Nodal was caught in recent days with a young woman identified as Mariana García, with whom he was seen holding hands during his recent tour of “Outlaw“for Central America.

In a few hours, the singerChristian Nodal, unleashed a stir after he was seen walking with a girl who would be his new conquest, just after having circulated the name of other girls with whom the 23-year-old artist apparently had fleeting relationships.

A very pretty young woman would steal the heart of the “originally from Caborca” Christian Jesús González Nodal, who arrived from the plane hand in hand to meet the presentations in Honduras and Guatemala, destinations included in his tour.

Who is the one who stole the heart of “sonorense”?

According to the user of the “Chamonic” account, who shared the identity of the young woman through her account where some images can be seen in which the interpreter of “Goodbye Love“, “Bottle after bottle”, and recently, “Aguardiente”, holding hands after getting off the plane.

For those who want to know… I’ll tell you about the girl who accompanies Christian Nodal today at his concert in the city of Honduras, her name is Mariana. She is from Sinaloa. In case they had the earring.

It can be seen in the description that accompanies the publication of the user who immediately received endless reactions and comments.

Among other reports, it transpired that Mariana García participated in the Mexicana Universal contest, where she represented her state.

Currently, Mariana is “model“and influencer, who has enjoyed the company of Christian Nodal in some of his presentations of which he has shared videos from his social networks.

They even assure that the famous has taken advantage of certain moments on stage to show his affection since in one of his most recent shows.

Born on January 11, 1999, he sent her a kiss, which some of his fans would take care of capturing through videos that have gone viral on the platforms.

Another detail that has captured attention is that the “Belinda’s ex-fiancé“He would also lend his luxurious jewelry, since the two have been seen wearing pieces of the same model, which also happened on some occasions with the actress of” Welcome to Eden “, they say.

The one highlighted as “Best Artist” and Mariana met in the middle of making the video for “Toxic Love” by González Nodal, when he was still with Belinda.

In the images of the video clip they can be seen embracing and exchanging kisses at various moments of the song, moments that can also be seen from the publications that the Sinaloan has made on her social networks.

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