Christian Nodal would change his mind Does he ask Belinda for a ring?

Christian Nodal gave again to talk about his past relationship with Belindathe 23-year-old artist, could have changed his mind and would throw a hint at his partner until the beginning of this 2022, in full concert in Guatemala, during his tour, “Forajido” in Guatemala.

During a recent presentation, a supposed video in one of the shows of the singer Christian Nodal unleashed a wave of speculation, after apparently he wants “return” but from the ring he gave to the famous.

Everything seems to indicate that thecomposer”, would launch a forceful indirect towards the today actress of “welcome to eden”: “Give me back the ring”.

They would be the supposed words that the “originally from Caborca” he would dedicate to the now-based in Spain, Belinda Peregrín Schüll, with whom he was supposedly preparing a “wedding” in style and that in the end did not end.

In the middle of the tour of presentations that Christian Jesús González Nodal has held, the recently nominated in five categories in the Latin AMAs, would ask his ex to return the expensive jewel he gave him as a symbol of his commitment in Spain.

In a video, the “Mexican singer-songwriter” would approach the public at one point, where he would take a sign on which the phrase would be written: “Beli, give me back the ring”, according to the alleged images of the recording that circulated on Tik Tok.

Although the veracity of the recording has not been fully verified, it did not take long for it to go viral on the internet, leading to a new debate among netizens.

One of the topics of the famous media couple that has divided opinions regarding those who think that the jewel should be returned and those who think otherwise.

It should be remembered that Christian Nodal and Belinda announced their engagement on May 25, 2020, this after circulating a photograph on Belinda’s account that was later replicated by the “sonorense” later.

The interpreter of songs like “Goodbye Love”, “They did not tell you wrong”, “Of the kisses I gave you”, among other of his first successes, he gave his “ex-fiancee” a ring valued at just over 3 million dollars (around 60 million pesos) .

The announcement of their breakup on February 12, 2022, unleashed a great controversy, comments, positive and negative for both and various versions that until today have pointed to the same “Nodeli” as the alleged culprits.

It would be the interpreter of “Aguardiente”, who in recent interviews denied many of the rumors that have circulated around their separation, such as those related to “monetary aspects”, to which the versions on networks mostly point out as the main reasons.

On the other hand, the distinguished with Grammy Awards, Billboard, etc., also raised doubts about his sentimental situation after being questioned about a possible “reconciliation”, which he did not completely rule out, in addition to confirming, he still maintains contact with the interpreter from “Boba nice girl”.

Many others differ that the singers can return, at least in the near future, this after Nodal has been caught with several women and currently seems to have started something important with a girl named Mariana García of Sinaloan origin, who was a model in the past “Toxic Love” video

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