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The mother of the interpreter of ‘Botella after bottle’ reappeared on social networks in the midst of her son’s scandal for sharing a private conversation with his ex and launching himself against Belinda Schüll.

On May 18, Nodal leaked a conversation between him and his ex in which he allegedly asks for money for her and her parents.

Nodal’s strong reaction arose after his former “mother-in-law” applauded a fan’s message calling him “naco” on Instagram.

In order to “clear his name”, Nodal went against Belinda Schüll: “20 years reaping the fruits of his daughter until leaving her with nothing”he wrote, demanding to be left “alone” because he is “healing”.

What Christian Nodal, 23, said makes sense when reading the alleged conversation he posted in that same tweet, a screenshot dated February 4. It should be noted that the singer announced the breakup of the engagement on the night of the 12th of that month.

According to the image, she asks for money to “fix her teeth” and shows that she also asked for financial support for her parents, Ignacio Peregrín and Belinda Schüll.

Until then, both he and Belinda had refused to speak openly about why their engagement ended. Christian Nodal, in several interviews said that this was “private”.

Cristian Nodal’s mother shares a message in the midst of the controversy

His mother, Cristy Nodal, who at the time supported the relationship of the famous artists, had kept a low profile in the face of the situation. However, this May 20, she published an enigmatic message on her Instagram account that she would have to do with what her son is experiencing.

“It is not necessary to show beauty to the blind or tell the truth to the deaf… It is enough not to lie to those who listen to you or disappoint those who trust in you. Words conquer temporarily, but the facts, they do win us or lose us forever, ”Cristy Nodal published in one of her Instagram stories.

Followed by the words without context or recipient, the singer’s mother shared a video in which she appears sending kisses to the camera.

Cristy Nodal did not want her son to hang out with Belinda, according to Pepillo Origel

The famous couple ended their relationship on February 12, 2022 and days before the breakup it was rumored that Mrs. Cristy Nodal did not want her son to continue his relationship with Belinda.

According to what Juan José ‘Pepillo’ Origel said on the program ‘With permission’, in January the couple was already facing some conflicts. “The mother of this little Nodal boy told Belinda ‘look, daughter, you shouldn’t hang out with my son. First of all, he is very young, he has a long way to go for a career. He has already emerged, but he still has a long way to go to a career the great ones, he lacks a lot,'” assured the Mexican presenter.

At that time, he highlighted that the interpreter’s family did not agree on how Nodal was handling his finances as a partner of Belinda.

“She makes the boy spend a fortune, and the mother says: ‘Well, she’s going to leave us without a peso,’ that’s what the lady says. That’s what they told me. I don’t know, nor do I know the boy either,” said Juan José Origel without specifying who “told” him the information.

After spreading the rumor, the one who would have been the mother-in-law of the 32-year-old artist shared a photograph where she appeared with the couple and added a message with which she denied the speculation and reiterated her love for Belinda and her son.

“It is very common that a simple assumption, generated by the “simple and innocent habit of talking about others” ends up transformed into a false rumor and, ultimately, into a terrible lie, I love you”, he expressed in the story he shared in Instagram.

Shortly after her son decided to make the breakup public, Cristy did not comment on it, but she did delete the photos in which her daughter-in-law would appear from her Instagram account.

Cristy Nodal’s mother worries about her health

In addition to the disappointment in love that Christian Nodal is going through, the singer’s family is having another bad time due to Cristy Nodal’s state of health.

Since February 2021 there have been speculations that he could have cancer, however, the Nodal family had not clarified what is the situation he is facing. It was not until Sunday, April 10, that Cristy Nodal herself announced that she had a “malignant tumor” detected.

“I have had countless studies,” he added, “but yesterday we received the news (that) I had a malignant tumor in the colon and they had to operate immediately, but I never lost faith!”, revealed the singer’s mother.


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