Christie’s with OpenSea | Ethereum-based art auctions

New agreement for Christie’s, auction house chasing its rival Sotheby’s in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The group has in fact agreed with OpenSea, to lead to the ecosystem of choice ETH related to NFT of the auctions take care.

The large group of international auctions will take care of specific spaces within which to conduct auction sales directly onchain, a sort of revolution for a sector that looks, with ever increasing attention, to the world of blockchain.

Christie’s goes to OpenSea and opens its virtual auction

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What Christie’s has in mind – the terms of the deal

Auction house Christie’s has announced through its official Twitter account the opening of a special section on OpenSea, from the name of Christie’s X OpenSea, the result of collaboration.

We announce Christie’s X OpenSea – which kicks off on December 1st. The onchain auction of NFT it will be hosted by OpenSea and curated by Christie’s specialists. It will be available for consultation on December 1-3, with bets to be received between December 4 and 7.

This is a huge step forward for the world of NFT as such – albeit in the past they have already been beaten by auction houses of equal importance, but never through a marketplace already used for i NFT classics. This is a sign of the fact that Christie’s is trying to catch up and overtake Sotheby’s, a group that has already beaten several auctions with payment in Ethereum And Bitcoin, the same group that organized an auction for Bansky in Decentraland.

Art and NFT hand in hand – that’s what’s at stake

The auction of Christie’s it will have enormous echo also thanks to the importance of the works that will be auctioned. In fact, we are talking about Andre Oshea, Baeige, DotPigeon and many other highly regarded digital artists in the world of NFT but not only. The same works that will be played, will also be hosted during the The Gateway at Art Basel Miami Beach – an event that will contribute to raising the value of the works made available.

With this collaboration we will bring the Christie’s brand to the blockchain. Our collaboration with OpenSea allows us to combine our auction house expertise and the prestigious provenance of works with the advantages of decentralization.

The same Christie’s had auctioned off Beeple’s famous NFT, which was sold for 69 million dollars, in one of the most important auctions in history for works of art in general. Great shot for too OpenSea, which is confirmed as one of the most relevant marketplaces for the world of NFT and, from now, also for the world of auction houses. The war has just opened – and with the arrival of new players by return of post, things could get a lot more interesting.

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