“Christmas in the Hospital” with the Ada Association, which accompanies young people affected by cancer

The Aida Association, which is for 12-25 year olds with cancer, is organized and is launching the “Christmas at the Hospital” operation from November 8 to December 31. Explanation with Doctor Amin and Ambassador Doctor in Marseille!

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This year in France, 3,500 people under the age of 25 have been affected by cancer. The term Noel is synonymous with Fêtes, with Noel Hospital incorporating a new name. To organize operations at the Noël Hospital with Noël Danes Plus’s 60 services hospitals as well as to facilitate hospital admissions for more than 10,000 families in France.

Still the hospital has been offered 10,000 Cadox utilities and has been privatized, a project lasting more than a year.

Melanie Mason meets Dr Amin, pharmaceutical and ingredients manufacturers. I am the ambassador for this operation unify!

Should participants comment?

It’s three simple! South in one click operation site, you will choose a caddy that will be presented to a hospitalized child on Christmas Day. For your part, you can enjoy some fun and magic in the hospital!

A large selection of personalized cadex Et adepts à leurs envis et kisses, souhaits directeurs amis par les jeunes soutains par l’association, also available: des cadeux matériels, pour leur apporter du soutin à noël (Lego boxes, design kits, portable entrées… ), aux cadeux utiles, pour préparare l’après maladie (course de langue, financing du code de la route…). In the case of hospitals, Aida equipment is mobilized in shipments of kits to furnish bedrooms and children’s rooms. Shiny garlands, Christmas bouquets, futrin sapins…

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Aux Côtes de Sofian Germani, footballer Benjamin Pavard, content creator and comedian Paola Locatelli, and more than 100 people (Elodie Fontan, Claude Dartois, Adele Exarchopoulos, Elsa Wolinksy, Juste Zoe, Lithan Kotaz…) have gathered. Hospital visits, concerts, karaoke, all participants were given a luxurious hospital stay and were hospitalized during the celebration.

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