Christopher Nolan apologizes to Florence Pugh for her role in ‘Oppenheimer’

a recurring critique of the cinema of Christopher Nolan The thing is, his scripts usually don’t find good female characters who live up to the ambitions of each plot. This criticism has been particularly insistent with respect to oppenheimerhis latest film, and along the way the two main females in the cast (played by Florence Pugh And Emily Blunt) are completely subject to the hero’s arc J.Robert Oppenheimer he is the symbol cillian murphy Enough potential to be nominated for an Oscar.

Networks have been particularly strict with Pugh, as she barely had three scenes in three hours. oppenheimer and his portrait has been questioned in terms of actual character, Jean Tatlock, Jeanne, a member of the Communist Party who influenced Oppenheimer politically early in his career, experienced a relationship with him that ended tragically due to his alleged psychological disorder. However, Pugh, who is now a very famous Hollywood actress, is not losing sleep over these criticisms.

And it may be because she expected it, because she was honest about it when Nolan offered her the role. The director must have even apologized beforehand, knowing it was a small role and the actress was above talking about. This is something we discovered from an interview excerpts of which have reached us TIC Tocwhere Pugh recounts a meeting with Nolan in which he was offered the role of Gene Tatlock.

“Chris wanted me to know it wasn’t a huge role and that he would understand if I didn’t take it.” And I was likeIt doesn’t mattereven though it was a Coffee maker Back of a room, I will’. Pugh Was Such A Fan Of Nolan’s Work That She Was Willing To Join oppenheimer no matter how irrelevant his character, and he explains how he met the filmmaker soon after he finished shooting the film a good personDrama indie where an old couple had directed them, zach braff,

“I remember him apologizing for the size of the paper and I was like ‘Please don’t apologize’” he continues about Nolan. “And then they said, ‘We’ll send you the script and really, read it and make a decision,’ ‘I understand size is an issue,’ and I remember thinking ‘I know I’m going to do it’, Pugh agreed to play Tatlock knowing what was there, and oppenheimer It has been acclaimed so much that it is not unreasonable that the actress should be walking around with an acting award.

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