Chronicle / [VIDEO] Asunción and its floods, in a documentary by Megan Fox’s boyfriend

Paraguay jeyma was present in one of the most anticipated documentaries in the world of entertainment. (video capture)

Days ago we announced that Machine Gun Kelly, the rapper who came to cause a furor in Paraguay after the cancellation of the Asunciónico, offered a show in front of the hotel where he was staying and for having brought his girlfriend, the beautiful Hollywood actress Megan Fox, was going to launch a documentary about his tour in which he would mention our country.

The rocker and his girlfriend, actress Megan Fox. (PHOTO: lavanguardia.com)

In fact, in the advance of said documentary, some images of Paraguay could already be seen, but in one of its first chapters that could be seen in Star Plus, its passage through Guarani land gained even more attention than it already had.

So much so that, in one scene, the artist can be seen together with his other groupmates, stationed in the hotel lobby, watching television and all of them, speechless with the images of what were the series of floods recorded that same night.

“They canceled the show because it rained too much,” the rocker can be heard saying while looking at the tremendous images, including those of the rescue of a child who had starred in the “hero” Froilán Benegas, on Avenida Molas López.

“The fucking… mother, old man,” adds a Machine Gun Kelly again, unable to believe what he was seeing on television. The images of that precise moment correspond to Unicanal, which, by the way, has already been chasing voi for having appeared on nothing less than Star Plus.

“Machine Gun Kelly: the life of a star” already began to be seen by Star Plus and Hulu, on June 27.


[VIDEO] Machine Gun Kelly included Paraguay in his documentary

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