Chucky Lozano and the great detail he had with a small Napoli fan Halftime

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Hirving “Chucky” Lozano has managed to win the affection of the fans napoliaffection that the Mexican corresponded to the surprise a little fan who asked for a autograph and who took one shirt of the Italian team.

What did Chucky Lozano give the Napoli fan?

Before the game before the Juventusa group of Neapolitan fans waited for the players to encourage them and get the famous souvenir photos, it was that moment when the Aztec stopped his car to live with people.

While the national team took photos and put their signature on various objects, a child managed to reach the window of Lozano’s car, who took the time to take a picture with the infant who also wanted him to autograph a ball.

It was at that moment when the chucky turned around and back seat from his car he took one Napoli jersey that he handed over to the child, who could not hide his emotion for the detail that the Mexican gave him.

The next games of Napoli

The napoli returns to the courts this Friday with the duel corresponding to the day 18 of the A series before the Juventus. On Tuesday the 17th, the cremonese on the Italian Cup and on Saturday 21 he will play against salernitana of Memo Ochoa.

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