Chucky Lozano breaks the market with the purchase of a luxury car

Hirving Lozano spent a fortune on his luxury car, which he now flaunts on the streets of Europe. Do not miss the best images of the vehicle used by the Napoli striker, Chucky Lozano!

Hirving Lozano he bought an amazing luxury car that cost him a very large sum of money. We talk about a Mercedes-Benz GLE 350with a price of around $150,000. A scandalous figure that very few people could pay for a simple vehicle.

The truth is that Chucky’s fortune allows him to indulge in these pleasures, thanks to his $5 million salary at Napoli in the Italian Serie A. The successful Mexican striker had no problem breaking the market and paying thousands of dollars for a model that has technical characteristics that justify its value.

Despite the fact that its price is very high, the technical sheet of the Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 makes it worth every penny invested. It is a model with some 258 horsepower and a speed limit of up to 210 kilometers per hour. In addition, it has a acceleration of 6.9 seconds. Ideal for a professional soccer player who needs to get to training as quickly as possible.

All these technical details would not be possible without its six-cylinder engine. Regarding its capacity, this vehicle reaches the 630 liters in the trunk and the 85 liter capacity in the fuel tank. A very good model for Chucky Lozano’s expectations.

Although some envious people could criticize the purchase of the Mexican forward, due to its high cost, the reality is that it was an absolute success for Hirving. He can now show off an anthology car through the streets of Italy and enjoy rides with his family at full speed.

Chucky Lozano ready to get into his Mercedes Benz.

Chucky Lozano with his wife Ana Obregón enjoying in their car.

– The images of the amazing Mercedes Benz GLE 350 by Hirving Lozano

Chucky Lozano’s luxury car.

This is how Hirving Lozano’s vehicle looks inside.

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