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In recent days, the rumor spread that the Venezuelan supposedly torn between life and death.

In September 2021, the singer announced in a statement a temporary withdrawal from his career and social networks. Chyno has faced health problems with a peripheral neuropathy that he suffered in 2020 and that arose as a sequel to covid-19.

Nacho talks about Chyno Miranda’s health

Nacho shed some light on Chyno Miranda’s health. The singer was questioned about it in ‘Today’ this Monday, April 25.

He is focused on his recovery one hundred percent. Through a cousin of his, who is a friend of mine, he gave me very good news,” he said in contrast to what has been spread about his partner.

“He told me that his recovery is going very well,” he assured, “that even have been noticing changes that there wasn’t before.”

“He’s still focused on getting better and I feel like that’s where You must have all your energy“, he expressed.

He also confirmed that his friend is in his native country, after a series of speculations about his whereabouts.

Chyno is in Venezuela fighting to recover his health,” he revealed while launching a petition to his followers.

“I would ask the fans, everyone who loves him, to pray or send your energy for a miracle“.

What is known (so far) about Chyno Miranda

At the beginning of last March, Natasha Araos, ex-wife of the singersent a message to the followers of José Alberto Miranda Pérez, the artist’s real name, regarding the rumors about his health.

He did not relapse or was serious dying. Stop believing in false news and leave him in the process he is experiencing,” said the “influencer” on Instagram.

“That he be reunited with himself and soon, God willing, and the Virgin, we will see him,” he wished.

“It’s unfortunate that anyone who says something on social media or tabloid news is believed by the public. That’s why I tell them: don’t talk about what you’re not sure of,” he said.

The singer had to take physical therapy for a year to talk and walk again.


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