Chyno Miranda’s trainer reveals that he will be sick for life and it is serious

A long battle is the one that has faced the Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda, who at 35 years old faced the serious consequences that Covid-19 has left himwell the Peripheral Neuropathy has put him between life and death.

However, his current state of health is a true mystery, since he has been away from the public eye and social networks for several months, since everything that is known is based on simple deductions and responses from third parties.

At the beginning of April, his partner, Nacho, assured that he was much better due to the rehabilitation, although days later he went out to ask for prayers for his health, since Chyno was once again torn between life and death.

Chyno Miranda's trainer reveals that he will be sick for life and it is serious

Now through the “Gossip no like” program, the singer’s personal trainer broke the silence by assuring that the versions of his improvement are not real, and confirms the difficult moment the artist is going through.

According to the entertainment medium, Juan Cortes will reveal everything that has been hidden from the terrible disease that the singer suffers.

The coach assured that Miranda suffers from peripheral neuropathya disease as a result of Covid-19, this disease has caused the singer’s physical condition to be seriously affected.

And he revealed that he went to him to be able to gain weight and look like always, trying to hide the consequences of the disease. According to the coach’s statements, from 80 kilos that Chyno weighed, she went on to 69 kilos.

The coach confirmed that the singer will not recover from peripheral neuropathy, which has been complicated by encephalitis who also suffers.

Finally, the instructor confessed that he had lost contact with the famous and despite the fact that he wanted to communicate with his relatives, there is no response. This situation has taken her as strange, knowing how serious the disease is.

Chyno Miranda's trainer reveals that he will be sick for life and it is serious

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