CIG asked Erosa-Samaca to report on the agreement

Following the signing of the agreement between the slate company Erosa-Samaca and the community of Montes Portela-Trigal, for which They arrived last Tuesday, November 14, the reactions of the workers and the CIG union were immediate. The Secretary of the Galician Union, Paco Moral, admitted that he had been informed by Rogelio López, president of the slate company, on the same day of the signing, but expressed that “Or at least what had to be done was to get the workers down and wobbly “E Co Company Committee”

Regarding the attention, the President’s response was brief, “i told paco And I told the committee. Everyone knows. We did not go to convey this to the workers one by one, because CIG had all the information and We agreed that each man would convey it to his ship, We also have other centers, it is not a question of stopping the whole company and having everyone come here so that I can explain to them what they already know.

In view of the imminent coming to light of the decision of the Superior Court of Justice, in favor or against the Junta de Galicia or the Forest Community, Paco Moral is convinced that “they don’t tell us everything and hide things which can lead to loss of working years; We have been going through trials, conflicts, and more litigation since 2014, and things have happened since then that still have no explanation.


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