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C.enerentola change music… in every sense. And with the new film, from September 3 on Amazon Prime Video, she also becomes a modern and talented business woman / stylist. The new version of Kay Cannon is sparkling and contemporary thanks above all to an incredible cast led by Camila Cabello, very rock fairytale princess.

The domestic “counterpart”, the stepmother, has instead the face of Idina Menzel, star of the musical just like the other colleagues, including James Corden in the mickey version (after being a feline for Cats). And – icing on the cake – Billy Porter (Pose) becomes a fairy godmother no longer blue but golden. Nicholas Galitzine, on the other hand, has all the responsibility of the kingdom, but the future crown is close to him, especially if he has to take a wife to wear it.

Camila Cabello and Nicholas Galitzine in Cinderella Photo: Kerry Brown

Camila Cabello and Nicholas Galitzine in Cinderella Photo: Kerry Brown © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC

The basic story remains the same, but the interpretation is that of the TikTok generation, fast, demanding but also romantic.
The two stars of the adaptation, Camila Cabello – Cinderella – and Idina Menzel – the terrible stepmother, tell how this pop adventure went.

How did you get involved in the film?

Charlotte Spencer, Idina Menzel and Maddie Baillio in Cinderella

Charlotte Spencer, Idina Menzel and Maddie Baillio in Cinderella. Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC

Idina: the director had a splendid vision for this project, she phoned me to ask me to take part in the event, more than just a nemesis, a character that I have not often played in my career. When I met the cast I realized it was special, I was already a fan of Camilla and I knew it would bring authenticity to the story.

Camila: James Corden asked me to meet and the director joined me and told me about the film and I was thrilled but also scared to death, all together at the same time. Immediately after the “chemistry test” with some of the potential principles and with Nick we immediately had fun and we knew we had found them.

Tallulah Greive, Minnie Driver, Pierce Brosnan and Nicholas Galitzine in Cinderella

Tallulah Greive, Minnie Driver, Pierce Brosnan and Nicholas Galitzine in Cinderella. Photo: Christopher Raphael © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC

What relationship is there in the story between you two?
We have often seen the relationship, but reinterpreted in a very similar way, if not the same, instead we wanted to modernize it and go deeper into the dynamics of the characters. In the case of the stepmother, she is a woman desperate to survive, a widow with two little girls to protect. We show what people who have no options do and where they can go. She has somehow been abandoned, so she reacts with choices that they think are the only possible ones.

Camila: Kay created a past story for the stepmother, which allowed us to find a complex and dramatic side. She wants her daughters to have a roof over their heads and some food and finds someone who can guarantee it, but then she finds herself in the midst of another loss. The stepmother actually sees herself in Cinderella and this makes everything more complicated. I believe this relationship has deep and true emotions.

Cinderella fashion businesswoman

Cinderella is a business woman. What effect does it have?
Today it seems to me that it is important to go beyond the patriarchal society, where you have to keep quiet. Instead, she wants to reverse the situation and I am sure that many women seek and deserve more and go to get it.


What is Billy Porter’s fairy godmother like?
Without the wings, off the set, Billy remains fun, an inspiration. I hope to work on it again because he is a wonderful person.

Camila Cabello and Billy Porter in Cinderella.  Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Camila Cabello and Billy Porter in Cinderella. Courtesy of Amazon Studios. © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC

A soundtrack to sing

Your favorite song?
: I grew up listening on repeat You gotta be by Des’ree and when I saw that in the film we were going to do a new arrangement with mashup I was in seventh heaven. Perfect marriage between a pop song and modernity, it makes me shiver when I listen to it.

Camila: When Idina turned on Material Girl I wasn’t on the set but when I saw the scene again I went crazy with joy because Madonna is an icon for me and Idina reinterprets it in a cool and tough way.

The new Cinderella is an entrepreneur who seeks independence. What do you hope the young women who see the film will take home?
: I hope girls learn to stay true to themselves and struggle to use their voices anytime and anywhere. She has courage, which does not mean that she is not afraid.

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His song Dreamgirl was included in the film, how does it feel?
: I am grateful to the director for allowing me to collaborate on the project in this sense as well. She was not obliged to choose my song, she received many and could bet on something else, instead she thought that that text reflects the pain of those who have to fight at all costs to stay afloat. Sometimes you don’t feel understood by the world and you don’t have to give up, this is the meaning of this battle that I wanted to set to music and I hope it thrills the audience as much as it did with me in composing it.



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