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51 films will be released in cinemas in October. Here are the titles and the days when they will be released in cinemas.

Titane: a film by Julia Ducournau. With Vincent Lindon, Agathe Rousselle, Garance Marillier, Lais Salameh, Dominique Frot. It came out on October 1st.

Until the last breath: a film by Jean-Luc Godard. With Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Seberg, Daniel Boulanger, Jean-Pierre Melville, Henri-Jacques Huet. Released 4 October 2021.

Freaks out: A film by Gabriele Mainetti. With Claudio Santamaria, Aurora Giovinazzo, Pietro Castellitto, Giancarlo Martini. Released October 28, 2021.

Night effect: a film by François Truffaut. With Jacqueline Bisset, François Truffaut, Valentina Cortese, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Alexandra Stewart. Released October 25, 2021.

The Catholic School: a film by Stefano Mordini. With Benedetta Porcaroli, Riccardo Scamarcio, Jasmine Trinca, Valentina Cervi, Corrado Invernizzi. Released October 7, 2021.

To Chiara: a film by Jonas Carpignano. With Swamy Rotolo, Claudio Rotolo, Greece Rotolo, Giuseppina Palumbo, Giorgia Rotolo. Released October 7, 2021.

Madres paralelas: a film by Pedro Almodóvar. With Penélope Cruz, Rossy De Palma, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Julieta Serrano, Milena Smit. Released October 28, 2021.

Ariaferma: a film by Leonardo Di Costanzo. With Toni Servillo, Silvio Orlando, Fabrizio Ferracane, Salvatore Striano, Roberto De Francesco. Released October 14, 2021.

Baby boss 2: a Tom McGrath film. With Amy Sedaris, James Marsden, Jeff Goldblum, Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow. Released October 7, 2021.

Venom – The fury of carnage: a film by Andy Serkis. With Tom Hardy, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris, Stephen Graham. Released October 14, 2021.

The man who sold his skin: a film by Kaouther Ben Hania. With Monica Bellucci, Koen De Bouw, Husam Chadat, Rupert Wynne-James, Adrienne Mei Irving. Released October 7, 2021.

A son: a film by Mehdi Barsaoui. With Sami Bouajila, Najla ben Abdallah, Youssef Khemiri, Slah Msadek, Mohamed Ali Ben Jemaa. Released October 21, 2021.

The emotional material: a film by Sergio Castellitto. With Bérénice Bejo, Sergio Castellitto, Matilda De Angelis, Clementino, Nassim Lyes. Released October 7, 2021.

The Cave: a film by Feras Fayyad. With Amani Ballour. Released 4 October 2021.

Ezio Bosso – The things that remain: a film by Giorgio Verdelli. Released 4 October 2021.

I am here: an Eric Lartigau film. With Alain Chabat, Doona Bae, Ilian Bergala, Blanche Gardin, Delphine Gleize. Released October 14, 2021.

Halloween Kills: a David Gordon Green film. With Kyle Richards, Anthony Michael Hall, Judy Greer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak. Released October 21, 2021.

The last Duel: a Ridley Scott film. With Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Adam Driver, Jodie Comer, Harriet Walter. Released October 14, 2021.

Watermark: a film by Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky. Released October 14, 2021.

Days: a film by Tsai Ming-liang. With Anong Houngheuangsy, Lee Kang-Sheng. Released October 14, 2021.

Salvatore – The shoemaker of dreams: a film by Luca Guadagnino. Released 11 October 2021.

Antlers: a Scott Cooper film. With Jesse Plemons, Rory Cochrane, Arlo Hajdu, Cody Davis, Amy Madigan, Scott Haze. Released October 28, 2021.

Marilyn has black eyes: a film by Simone Godano. With Stefano Accorsi, Miriam Leone, Thomas Trabacchi, Mario Pirrello, Andrea Di Casa. Released October 14, 2021.

# DeAndrè story of an employee: a film by Roberta Lena. With Cristiano De André, Dori Ghezzi. Released October 25, 2021.

Welcome back dad: a film by Domenico Fortunato. With Donatella Finocchiaro, Domenico Fortunato, Riccardo Mandolini, Giuliana Simeone. Released October 7, 2021.

A white white day: a film by Hlynur Palmason. With Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson, Ída Mekkín Hlynsdóttir, Hilmir Snær Guðnason, Sara Dögg Ásgeirsdóttir. Released October 28, 2021.


Piazzolla, the tango revolution: a film by Daniel Rosenfeld. With Astor Piazzolla, Daniel Piazzolla. Release 8 October 2021.

L’Arminuta: a film by Giuseppe Bonito. With Sofia Fiore, Vanessa Scalera, Fabrizio Ferracane, Elena Lietti, Carlotta De Leonardis. Released October 21, 2021.

Time is up: a film by Elisa Amoruso. With Bella Thorne, Sebastiano Pigazzi, Benjamin Mascolo, Roberto Davide, Nikolay Moss. Released October 25, 2021.

I’m your man: a film by Maria Schrader. With Dan Stevens, Sandra Hüller, Hans Löw, Annika Meier, Maren Eggert. Released October 14, 2021.

The giants: a film by Bonifacio Angius. With Bonifacio Angius, Stefano Deffenu, Michele Manca, Riccardo Bombagi, Stefano Manca. Released October 21, 2021.

The godmother: a film by Jean-Paul Salomé. With Isabelle Huppert, Hippolyte Girardot, Farida Ouchani, Liliane Rovère, Iris Bry. Released October 14, 2021.

Petite maman: a film by Céline Sciamma. With Joséphine Sanz, Gabrielle Sanz, Nina Meurisse, Stéphane Varupenne, Margot Abascal. Released October 21, 2021.

Ron, an unscheduled friend: a film by Jean-Philippe Vine, Sarah Smith. With Pasquale Petrolo, Thomas Barbusca, Jack Dylan Grazer, Bentley Kalu, Jean-Philippe Vine. Released October 21, 2021.

France: a film by Bruno Dumont. With Léa Seydoux, Juliane Köhler, Benjamin Biolay, Blanche Gardin, Emanuele Arioli. Released October 21, 2021.

With all my heart: a film by Vincenzo Salemme. With Vincenzo Salemme, Serena Autieri, Cristina Donadio, Maurizio Casagrande, Vincenzo Borrino. Released October 7, 2021.

200 meters: a film by Ameen Nayfeh. With Ali Suliman, Anna Unterberger, Motaz Malhees, Lana Zreik, Gassan Abbas. Released October 28, 2021.

Yara: a film by Marco Tullio Giordana. With Isabella Ragonese, Alessio Boni. Released October 18, 2021.

Venice: infinite avant-garde: a film by Michele Mally. With Lella Costa. Released 11 October 2021.

The Addams Family 2: a film by Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon. Released October 28, 2021.

City Hall: a film by Frederick Wiseman. Released October 18, 2021.

The velvet underground: a film by Todd Haynes. With Lou Reed, John Cale, Maureen Tucker, Sterling Morrison. Released October 15, 2021.

Les promesses: a film by Amanda Sthers. With Kelly Reilly, Jean Reno, Cara Theobold, Pierfrancesco Favino, Deepak Verma. Released October 28, 2021.

Soles of wind – stories by Goffredo Fofi: a film by Felice Pesoli. With Goffredo Fofi. Released October 7, 2021.

The best. Marco Pantani: a film by Paolo Santolini. Released October 18, 2021.

The italian banker: a film by Alessandro Rossetto. With Fabio Sartor, Sandra Toffolatti, Mirko Artuso, Diego Ribon, Davide Sportelli. Released October 7, 2021.

A doctor’s night: a film by Guido Chiesa. With Diego Abatantuono, Frank Matano. Released October 28, 2021.

Isolation: a film by Michele Placido, Julia von Heinz, Olivier Guerpillon, Jaco Van Dormael, Michael Wintebottom. With Michele Placido, Andrea Bocelli, Roberto Bolle, Hans-Michel von Heinz, Julia von Heintz. Released 4 October 2021.

Upside down: a film by Luca Tornatore. With Alessandra Carrillo, Roberta De Santis, Gabriele Di Bello, Donatella Finocchiaro. Released October 21, 2021.

Ray’s story: a film by Giuseppe Di Renzo. With Ray Sugar Sandro. Release 8 October 2021.

Medium: a film by Massimo Paolucci. With Tony Sperandeo. Released October 14, 2021.

The Incorrigible: a film by Manuel Coser. With Alberto Maron. Released October 15, 2021.

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